Chasing Autumn Colors: Penang's Best Spots for Leaf Peeping


Witness the breathtaking fall foliage in Penang's picturesque locations

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1. Kek Lok Si Temple

As one of the largest Buddhist temples in Southeast Asia, Kek Lok Si Temple is a must-visit spot during autumn. The temple complex is surrounded by trees, and the leaves turn into a beautiful palette of colors. The serene atmosphere makes it a perfect place for leaf peeping.


2. Penang Hill Railway

Experience a unique way of leaf peeping by taking a ride on the Penang Hill Railway. As you ascend to the top, marvel at the changing colors of the surrounding trees and enjoy panoramic views of Penang Island.


3. Armenian Street

Armenian Street is known for its vibrant street art, but during autumn, the trees lining the street add an extra touch of beauty. Take a stroll along this charming street and admire the colorful leaves.


4. Penang State Museum

While exploring the Penang State Museum, don't forget to wander around the museum's courtyard. The trees surrounding the area create a stunning display of autumn colors, making it a great spot for leaf peeping.


5. Tropical Spice Garden

Explore the Tropical Spice Garden and discover a world of aromatic spices and breathtaking flora. During autumn, the garden's trees change color, creating a mesmerizing sight for leaf peeping enthusiasts.


6. Penang Butterfly Farm

Visit the Penang Butterfly Farm, where you can marvel at the beauty of various butterfly species. The farm's surrounding gardens feature trees that showcase autumn colors, adding to the enchanting atmosphere.